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Inman Names Dave Liniger ‘Most Influential Leader’

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

“Change is going to overwhelm those who don’t embrace it,” Dave Liniger said to a crowd of more than 1,400 industry professionals attending Real Estate Connect in New York City on Thursday, just after he was named the Inman News “People’s Choice” Most Influential Real Estate Leader.

Watch the presentation.

The “People’s Choice” honor is given to the real estate leader who has made the most significant contributions to the industry during the past year, based on the popular vote in an online poll.

In addition to expressing his sincere thanks to Inman readers, Liniger also briefly reflected on the past 39 years that RE/MAX has operated. In particular, he called attention to changing technology as a symbol of the increasing pace of business – and the importance of keeping up.

“Very simply, two or three years ago, most of us had never even heard of an app or an iPhone, let alone an iPad,” Liniger said. “Right now, 600,000 apps have been created for those devices in less than two years. That shows you the speed of change that’s happening.”

He added that agents can’t stick their heads in the sand if they want to remain successful.

The RE/MAX organization is coming off one of the most dynamic years in its history. Among the highlights: earning two J.D. Power and Associates awards, launching the website, growing its worldwide presence, boosting its commercial standing, helping thousands of distressed sellers, and upgrading its programs in training, technology, social media and brand marketing.

Liniger credits the network’s top-producing agents for its ongoing success.

“The key to RE/MAX has been the quality of its Sales Associates,” he told Affiliates in a New Year’s video message. “Individually, you are the best at what you do. Collectively, we’re a force that can’t be stopped.”

PEOPLE’S CHOICE: The newly named Most
Influential Real Estate Leader delivers his acceptance
speech at Inman’s Connect in NYC on Jan. 12.
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